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Top 10 Reasons to Join The Woody Financial Group

  1. COMPLEXITY - Finances are much more complex than before and the options are endless, which means that people need financial advisors/coaches to sift through it all and someone they can trust to give educated advice.
  2. LONGEVITY - Our average age is increasing which means we’re living longer and need more money for a longer period of time. Generations are realizing that there is life after sixty-five, and there simply is more need to look out for the future and have a financial plan to handle it.
  3. SUPPORT - Both home offices and agencies have recognized that high turnover of agents/advisors is costly. As a result, they are providing more support and making a more concerted effort to retain and help ensure the success of both new-hires and talented veterans.
  4. ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Being your own boss and having more control of your own destiny are part of the American dream, and it becomes even more attractive during these times of corporate down-sizing. This industry is the perfect environment for the entrepreneurial spirit.
  5. FINANCIAL FREEDOM - The desire for financial freedom and the concern for financial, family and personal security are at an all time high. Building a nest egg is a way of buying the freedom and security people are looking for. Agents/advisors get to do that for themselves and their clients.
  6. THE "I" WORD - Insurance has become more attractive as a smart product and a safeguard against the unexpected. The "I" word (insurance) is back in vogue and financial planning has become more important than ever. At the same time, the industry is realizing that the "e" word (email) is not as much of a factor...a significant percentage of insurance is still being purchased eye-to-eye through an agent, not the Internet.
  7. VALUE - More companies allow cross-selling of products, which means that clients are the greatest beneficiaries... they can receive better advice and value than ever before.
  8. ROAD MAPS FOR SUCCESS - As the industry matures even further, the successful road maps of past agents and advisors are well documented and more readily available. This is good news for new hires... they don’t always have to learn from the school of hard knocks. Success leaves clues and new hires get to learn and institute proven ways of doing business, in order for them to build successful practices.
  9. VOLATILITY - The volatility of the stock market has hit us like a ton of bricks, as has the need for good financial advice and trustworthy advisors.
  10. LONG-TERM THINKING - Patience and temperance have come back in style, and people are realizing that truth will not only set you free, it’ll keep you free. Reputations are golden in this industry, as is the need for a long-term financial plan.