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Why Guardian

  1. Our Mutual Career Exploration Process

How will you learn whether a career in financial services is the right one for you? Our role is to serve you as a career counselor. We will go through what we describe as a mutual career exploration process. Together, we will take the following steps:

  • An initial discussion about your goals, motivations, and life objectives to see if we can help you achieve your career objectives.
  • Meet with numerous firm associates and key management team leaders who are positioned to guide your success track.
  • Sample the most important parts of the career, helping you determine whether you are comfortable with what is required in order to build your practice.

Take the next step towards a more rewarding career by contacting us today.

  1. Culture & Lifestyle

Be an entrepreneur with more control over your life. You can serve your clients well and still be there for your kids' soccer games.

  • We will provide the mentorship, training, and guidance you need to create a business to call your own
  • Define your own work-life balance
  • Work within your community
  1. Rewards & Benefits

Grow your business at the pace of your own ambition. Your earning potential is as unlimited as the impact you will have on people's lives.

  • Potential to earn a substantial income, dictated by your work ethic, passion, and ability
  • Employer matched 401k plan and a non-contributory pension plan, vested after 5 years of service
  • Medical, dental, vision, long term care disability, and Life Insurance
  1. Tools, Resources & Support

Independence does not mean alone. With Guardian you will be supported by industry-leading resources like our one-of-a-kind Living Balance Sheet® planning tool.

  • Living Balance Sheet allows you to work directly with your clients to plan their financial futures
  • Business Resource Center provides you with in-depth information on topics from law to estate planning to tax strategies
  • Powerful strategic alliances help you broaden and strengthen you client base