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Our Strategy

Wealth building is a process of both art and science that demands the integration and coordination of many factors that can be influenced by economic, tax and market considerations. Our specialized methodology provides a holistic approach that helps our clients consider their life’s goals and values and then make intelligent decisions regarding the best use of their money. Further, it offers an easily implemented process to evaluate the results of these decisions. By focusing on strategy first, we strive to increase the effectiveness of the plans we build together. Our participatory approach educates clients on how to build, enjoy and preserve wealth throughout their lifetime.

Fewer than 1,000 financial professionals are licensed nationally to use the powerful planning process, The Living Balance Sheet®, that The Woody Financial Group brings to its clients as the foundation of a long-term strategy. The Living Balance Sheet® gives our clients an organized and streamlined view of their financial decisions across their business and personal life. To learn more about the Living Balance Sheet®, please click here.

The Woody Financial Group’s relationship with Guardian assures clients access to outstanding insurance and financial products. This long-term association with Guardian and other professional service advisors mirrors the long-term relationships that The Woody Financial Group enjoys with our clients. The Woody Financial Group has the independence to draw on the expertise and products of other institutions to find the exact fit for clients’ long- and short-term goals. By applying collective expertise, experience and professional training, The Woody Financial Group can design and implement the most effective plan for our clients’ personal economy and maximize their wealth potential.